TravelBase travel to Vietnam via Mongolia and China

06 februari 2010

Travel Base go out on mission, starting in Ulaan Bata in Mongolia. Where we visit our contact and to go through tours and look at the  hotel accommodation.  The end of March is not so cold. Maybe it can be around +10 C in day time and +-0 C at night time. Spring is always dusty and windy. Sunglasses is good to  have.  We will also look at some Kasmir shirts. Since it is quite cold, we have warm jackets and clothing there. Which I hope we can leave there  before we move to Beijing in China.

While in Beijing, we check out the tours and hotels. We have a good hotel (from experience) but very  good to have more options.

Then we travel to Hanoi where we talk to our contact and go through the practical things / routines and watch hotel destination. We shall also have group travelling including trip to Bai Bang and The Den Hung pagoda and Tam Dao where we will overnight. Then it becomes a night in Hanoi before the team goes on the trip down to Ha Long Bay to sleep in a Junk two nights. Back to Hanoi, the rest of the 12 days the trip is on, but a trip to the Perfume Pagoda. Also hope we can go to ”fish” and eat.

When the group trip is over, we can dedicate ourselves to look at the clothes and find a good supplier for ‘my’ party clothes to be sold by Design Asia.

But the journey for Travel Base is not over here. We fly to Saigon to see us around there, coordinate with the contacts , guides and drivers. The trip ends with a trip to Phu Quoc, where we already have agreements with some hotels, but it is a great advantage to get there and meet them at the hotel and see what we ourselves think about the place. Then we fly home.

Is there anyone who is interested in group travel starting on 6 April in Hanoi to visit our website and communicate your interest. The number of participants is limited to about 20 people. Visit www.travelbase.org


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